Neuroinformatics Research
in Vision

Because of the wealth of data on the visual system, the NRV (Neuroinformatics Research in Vision) project will use vision research to promote experimental, theoretical and technical research as a pilot study on neuroinformatics.
The project was founded from the grant for "Target Oriented Research and Development for Brain Science" , the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology by the MEXT, JAPAN.


This page.
Overview of the NRV project by Slides: What's is the neuroinformatics, purpose of the NRV project and current research on the project etc.
List of the project members and introduction of research by each member in the our project.
Visiome Platform:
A Neuroinformatics Database and Environment for Vision Science. We constructed a database system for neuronal visual system named "Visiome Platform" as a test bed for useful neuroinformatics environment. The basic concept of the Visiome Platform is to make a web site integrating mathematical models, experimental data and related information.
Conference information
Informaction of conferences by the project and archives of documents.

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